Custom-Fit Window Well Covers in Aurora, Naperville & Across Chicagoland

We’ve been providing custom-fit window well covers in Aurora, Naperville and across the greater Chicago area for over 23 years. We offer a number of styles and materials including hinged, atrium, metal, plastic and more.

Custom Fit “Exact-Match” Window Well Covers Installed Anywhere in Chicagoland

Are you still debating whether or not you need window well covers? If your window wells are deep enough for something to fall in and not be able to get back out like a pet, squirrel, rabbit, snake or heaven forbid a skunk, you need window well covers. Is it possible for someone to fall into and get hurt like your children or their friends, then you need window well covers. Tired of cleaning leaves and debris out of your window wells, then the debate should end today.

Chances are good that the damage caused by not replacing them will far outweigh the minimal investment they would incur.

We carry window well covers in all styles and shapes and can customize any of them to perfectly fit your window well needs. We use the highest quality materials and professional detail-oriented installation. All of our window well covers are durable enough to hold over 350lbs and can be measured, customized, and securely installed in as little as one day.

Some Common Window Well Covers We Install in Chicagoland

Obscured View Lexan

obscured view heavy plastic, lexan window well cover, crs basement waterproofing

Metal Grate

metal grate window well cover, crs basement waterproofing, aurora, il

Dual Metal Grate & Lexan

dual metal grate and lexan window well cover, crs basement waterproofing

Clear Atrium

clear atrium, lexan, window well cover, crs basement waterproofing

Clear Bubble

clear bubble, lexan window well cover, crs basement waterproofing

Hinged Atrium

hinged atrium, lexan window well cover, crs basement waterproofing

5 Important Benefits of Window Well Covers if You Live in the Greater Chicago Area

Window well covers are a protective addition to the windows in a basement that are built below ground level. Here are some of the benefits of using window well covers:

  1. Protection from debris: Window well covers keep debris such as leaves, branches, and other materials out of the window well. This prevents blockages in the drainage system and reduces the risk of water damage to your basement.
  2. Increased safety: Window well covers can prevent children and pets from accidentally falling into the window well, which can cause serious injuries.
  3. Improved security: Window well covers can also improve the security of your home by preventing intruders from accessing your basement through the window well.
  4. Energy efficiency: Window well covers can help to prevent heat loss from your basement, which can help to reduce your energy bills.
  5. Increased natural light: Some window well covers are designed to allow natural light into your basement while still providing protection and security.

Overall, window well covers can provide numerous benefits for homeowners with basement windows, including protection, safety, security, energy efficiency, and improved natural light.

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